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A little about me...

Hi. My name is Lauren and I have been passionate about health & fitness for over a decade. I have taught yoga, HIIT and personally coached many to happier, healthier lives. I started my CARNIVORE journey in early '18 and have never been healthier. 

I created the Steak Fueled program to be able to coach people just like you beginning on this journey. The carnivore diet is the absolute easiest path to true health. If you have struggled to lose weight or with health issues, this a one stop shop to regain your health. Not only is carnivore the easiest diet to adhere to, but my bodyweight HIIT workouts that come with the monthly subscription are less than 30 min. You can get fit in about 1.5 hours per week! 

Trying to Make America Healthy Again, one person at a time! 

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